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Cuvée Premiere 

This cuvée from Chassenay d'Arce is the flagship of the house and the ultimate Non Vintage Champagne. It is currently aged for 5 years in the cellar and delivers a rich and elegant aroma on the nose from the exceptional pinot noir grapes with incredible balance and very little acidity on the palate. This Champagne was recently awarded the title of being one of the top 10 Champagnes in the world.


Cuvée Rosé

This beautiful salmon pink coloured Rosé Champagne is an absolute delight to drink. Added fruitiness on the nose and palate delivers notes of red fruits and soft spices whilst this Non Vintage Champagne is aged for 5 years in the cellar.  


2005 Vintage 

This 2005 Vintage from Chassenay d'Arce is an invitation to excellence. Blended solely from grapes harvested in 2005, the taste is fresh and elegant whilst the extra age in the cellar delivers added smoothness and complexity. The aromas are expressive revealing an elegant bouquet of citrus fruits with great balance and structure.


Chassenay d'Arce Confidences (75cl presented in black gift box)

Chassenay d'Arce really make their mark with this exceptional cuvée. The blend is 100% pinot noir from three exceptional vintage years (1999, 2002 & 2004) harvested solely from the vineyard's oldest vines. Confidences matures in the cellar for 6 years giving rise to a golden colour and extremely fine bubbles. The aroma on the nose is delicate and elegant whilst the finish is long and smooth. This Champagne is beautifully presented in an exceptional gift box.